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The following people have indicated that they have cottages available to rent. (This list is offered as a service to our cottage owners. Please make direct contact with the potential renter. The Cuba Lake District does not act as an agent or become involved in any way with any rental agreement.)
Contact Phone Email
Amy Williams 727-455-1259
Bill & Peggy Johnston 585-968-3291
Lisa Molisani-Darling 585-808-8677
Kevin Kirkpatrick 716-517-6916
Susan O'neill-Everett 716-603-1335
Chris Hirschler 732-749-2503
Liz Armstrong 716-648-0750
Paul Conklin 716-378-5023
Aimee Asebroek 760-533-2463
Kiersten Hendricks 215-817-2973

The Cuba Lake manager may be reached at 585-474-3960 or by e-mail at